The Urban Agenda website has been launched!

It is official: the online platform promoting the Urban Agenda for the EU and all Partnerships is running and ready for use. You can access it on Futurium. The website offers the opportunity to actively contribute and participate in debates, information exchange and consultations on future policies for different cities in the EU. All stakeholders are invited to register and participate.

The Urban Agenda is initiated by the EU in order to improve the involvement of cities in the policy-making processes in Europe. Cities play a major role in larger EU issues such as the integration of migrants and refugees, urban mobility, urban poverty, circular economy and digitalisation. Partnerships between cities, member states and the European Commission under the umbrella of the Urban Agenda, should enhance better regulation, better funding and better knowledge exchange between different stakeholders. Overall the Urban Agenda aims to improve the quality of life in urban regions within the EU, home to 72% of the EU-28’s population according to Eurostat.

Ecorys Brussels holds the Secretariat of the Urban Agenda for the EU in which Ecorys Spain, Ecorys Netherlands and Ecorys UK also play an active role. It is a two-year project that can be extended for another two extra years. Ecorys will provide expertise and support in the management, communication and administration in regards to twelve partnerships, including the already-in-place inclusion of migrants and refugees; air quality; housing; urban poverty; circular economy; digital transition; urban mobility and jobs and skills in the local economy. 

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