Regional Co-operation Network for Industrial Modernisation - ReConfirm initiative

Industrial modernisation requires important investment efforts. The Regional Smart Specialisation Strategies help to prioritise and align efforts between public and private stakeholders in EU regions and allocate EU and regional funds in a focused and efficient way.

The Smart Specialisation Platform for Industrial Modernisation (S3P-Industry) aims to support EU regions committed to generate a pipeline of industrial investment projects following a bottom-up approach - implemented through interregional cooperation, cluster participation and industry involvement.

In 2016 the Ecorys led consortium was awarded the ReConfirm project to support specific partnerships on the Platform. The initiative aims to promoteĀ trans-regional partnerships in line with the smart specialisation principle and to develop concrete co-investment projects. The partnerships must be industry-driven initiatives connecting businesses from different industries and territories. The intended result is to boost investments strengthening European value chains, notably in favour of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and lagging regions.

After two years, ReConfirm has become one of the key initiatives of the European Commission and connects other initiatives in this field. Support ranges from mapping strengths and weakness of regions and their industries, to actual support in developing investment priorities and idea into actual investment protocols. ReConfirm has grown exponentially from a small scale initiative to a well-established project, successfully supporting cross-regional innovative partnerships. In light of this success, in December 2018, the European Commission decided to extend ReConfirm for two additional years.