Ecorys study on “Lessons for Ocean Energy Development” available in the EU Bookshop

Ecorys and Fraunhofer IWES conducted a study on the potential of ocean engery, which is now available in the EU Bookshop. The study focusses on the significant ocean energy resource of Europe, which could contribute to the decarbonisation of the energy system and create a new industry with export opportunities worldwide. Despite advancements in the last two decades, tapping into this resource has turned out to be a challenge. 

The objective of this study was to point out failures and good practices/lessons learnt in Ocean Energy technology development in Europe in relation to tidal and wave energy. The focus has been on both technological and non-technological (finance, IPR, business operation or other) issues and barriers to cooperation. 
The report presents a chronological overview of developments in the sector. In tidal energy, significant convergence has taken place, but while there is still fragmentation in the wave segment.
The main finding of the study concludes, that root causes and barriers to development are diverse and interrelated. These findings call for an integrated approach and close cooperation between public and private actors, from industry, academia to financial institutions and governments. Change of behaviour towards embracing good practices and learning from past experiences is urgent. Knowledge and experience sharing are key to enhance learning. The qualification of success or failure depends on the extent to which the sector, as a whole, is able to draw learning and benefit from  experiences. The study reveals several recommendations for the future, such as better coordination of technology development, knowledge exchange, aligning framework conditions and support activities, and effective use of public funding.
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